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FAQ about applying to WSB

Tips, tricks and helpful information about the application and application process at WSB.

How can I apply?

Best the Online application form fill out or send an e-mail to

What documents should my application include?
  • Cover letter
  • Resume
  • Testimonials and certificates
What is the application process? / How do you become part of the WSB team?

Job offer seen

Job posting seen or interest

Create application

Create complete application documents

Acknowledgement of receipt

Confirmation of receipt by e-mail

Application evaluation

Review of application documents by WSB


First acquaintance

WSB Job commitment

Telephone & written commitment

Contract offer

Contract sending and signing

Welcome - on Board

Welcome as a team member at WSB

Is there an application deadline?

No, you can apply at any time. Either directly to an advertised position or on your own initiative.

Who do I contact with questions?

For questions regarding your application, please contact our HR team at

Can I also send a speculative application to WSB?

You are also welcome to send us your speculative application to to us. We will then check whether we can offer you a suitable position.

Can I apply for more than one position?

Yes, you can apply for multiple job postings. Please let us know in your cover letter.

Is a social media profile enough or do you need the full application materials?

In order for us to get a complete picture of you, please submit your full application documents. You are welcome to refer to your social media profiles for additional information.

To whom do I address my cover letter?

Please use the information from the job advertisement. If you are applying on your own initiative, please send your cover letter to:

WSB Wolf Beckerbauer Hummel & Partner Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbB

z. Attn: Nadja Neubig

Kurfürsten-Anlage 59, 69115 Heidelberg, Germany

What do I have to pay attention to in the cover letter?

With the cover letter we want to get a first impression of you. Tell us why you would like to work for us, what experience you have and what makes you stand out. We look forward to getting to know you better as a person and personality.

Preferred form of application

Please send us your complete application documents with the Online application form or by e-mail to to.

Contact person for your application

Please send general questions about the application by e-mail to or call us at 06221-651300! For job-specific questions, please also contact the partner named in the job advertisement.


Mannheim location:

Svetlana Ryzhenko

Michaela Besthorn

Jürgen Wolf


Heidelberg location:

Jochen Hummel

Christiane Reinhold

Ralf Julius Baumgartner

Sabrina Krennrich-Böhm


Ludwigshafen site:

Torsten Krennrich


Wiesenbach location:

Jochen Hummel

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